Hanging garden – 16 plants


Vinae Hanging garden is a modular system of potted plants mounted on a railing, inside and outside a building.

System benefits :

  • Turns every railing into an amazing garden.
  • Simple and easy assembly!
  • Safe from dripping, wetting and leaking.
  • The basic units connect to each other on a special strap.
  • Potted plants have a special bottom that holds water:
  • economical and requires little watering and maintenance.
  • All accessories needed to assemble the system are included in the kit.
  • On the Viennese garden system depends:

Technical data :

  • Dimensions on the railing 40X50 cm.
  • A basic unit consists of four plants
  • The size of each flowerpot is 9 by 9 cm
  • The basic unit size is 12.5 x 40 cm
  • The package includes 4 base units (total of 16 potted plants) and everything needed for quick and easy grasping on the railing.
  • Net weight: 3 kg.

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The Vinea Hanging garden system can be easily hung on any type of railing.


  • Manual watering: Pour 8 liter of water from the top cover.
  • Computerized irrigation system: Connect the irrigation hose to the upper unit, and the water flows from there to all the plants.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 44 × 33 × 20 cm


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