The company's vision

Access to nature: Vinea green wants to bring the green nature closer to each and every one of us, strengthen our connection with the wonderful growth processes and remind us that food does not grow on the writer’s shelves.
Everyone can: Vinea green systems enable anyone to grow a garden – even for those who live in a small apartment and do not have a huge yard or balcony and even for those who think he “kills potted plants.”
They are simple and easy to install, maintenance is cheap and water consumption is economical.
Health with ease: With the help of Vinea green, you can enjoy fresh, organic spices and vegetables throughout the year.
Also, the plants in green walls and roofs absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen and thus purify the air in the house naturally.
Designed and updated: Green walls blend in with the latest trends of interior design, bringing home nature with plenty of plants and plants and natural materials.
With the Vinea green system, each white and cold wall can become an impressive design item.
Flexibility: Vinea green systems are suitable for both the small home consumer and designers, designers and landscapers.
Vinea green’s modular solutions enable the introduction of nature into private homes, banquet halls, offices, exhibitions and more.

Vinea green is a family Israeli company founded by Assaf Barki, who has many years of experience in product development and use of recycled materials in the plastics industry.

The team

"I believe that every person has the right to enjoy a green environment and a private garden, and my ambition is to make gardening easy and accessible and to offer consumers the most optimal and friendly systems to realize their dreams"
Assaf Barki
An expert in plastic processing technologies and leads product development teams in several companies.
Dan Barki
Product Development Consultant
Ph.D. in marine ecology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, after extensive studies and studies dealing with biology, oceanography and ecology in many countries such as Costa Rica, Peru, Israel and England.
Dr. Daniel Gateno
Fertilization and irrigation consultant
Marine biologist is an expert on sustainability. Pedagogic Director of the Green Network.
Dr. Yael Barki
Sustainability consulting